Roads and Transportation


The road system is of good standard and roads in all towns and almost all villages are tarred with bitumen.   There are no transportation companies but rather individual owners of minivans which ply between Kuala Penyu town and Beaufort or Menumbok.  There are also a few who make daily return trips from Kuala Penyu to Kota Kinabalu (one way fare RM25 – RM30)


Passengers who wish to come to Kuala Penyu from Kota Kinabalu can also travel on one of the bus coaches.  The terminal is located near the High Court Building in Kampung Air. These coaches head for Menumbuk (gateway to Labuan Island)  but will drop off passengers at a road intersection in Kayul (see below "How to get to Kuala Penyu from Kota Kinabalu' ).  The bus fare is RM18 (January 2015). 



How to get to Kuala Penyu from Kota Kinabalu



There are a few ways to get to Kuala Penyu:


1)  By taxi (by far the most expensive, but one can be hired at any time)


2)  By minivan  (run by Kuala Penyu residents, they leave Kota Kinabalu at around 11am 

     each day). They park near the Post Office.


3)  By bus coaches (scheduled timetable between 7 am - 2pm daily).  The buses head for

     Menumbok, but will drop off passengers at a main roundabout junction called Kayul.

     Their parking bays are at the city park, close to the High Court building.


4)  Hightly recommended : Car or motorbike hire (available at the airport or Kota Kinabalu

     city center).


5)  For guests staying at the Sawangan Beach Lodge (, the hosts

     will be able to arrange (prior arrangement) for a taxivan driver for a pick-up at their

     accommodation in Kota Kinabalu, to be sent right to the Lodge.  There is only 1 trip per

     day,  return to Kuala Penyu is between 11am - 11.30 am).