Kuala Penyu  (pop. 18,958, Statistics Dept, 2010), is a district occupying an area of 453 square km (45,326 hectares), located in the lower interior part of Sabah, East Malaysia (known as North Borneo during the British era).  It is a long stretch of land facing north-west of the South China Sea.  The distance from Kota Kinabalu is 120 km (2 hours by car).


Kuala Penyu acts as a feeder town to the larger district (and a much larger township) of Beaufort (pop. 64,350, Statistics Dept, 2010). 


It was declared a full district in 1969 and is administratively divided into three sub-districts, namely, Sitompok, Bundu and Menumbok (source : District Office, Kuala Penyu).

Political Representative


The elected representative for Kuala Penyu is the honourable (YB) Mr Limus Jury.


He stood on the UPKO-BN ticket in 2013 and won. His term runs until 2018.


The current District Officer post is held by Mr Edmund Teo.  Born and bred in Kuala Penyu, he took office as the 16th District Officer in August 2008.

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