While hotel-type accommdation  in Kuala Penyu is still lacking, there are a number of privately owned accommodation available.  There are two 'lodges' and a resort on the beautiful Tempurung Beach which faces the South China Sea.   Tempurung Seaside Lodge has 10 rooms and 1 dormitory. There is also the Amanpuri Beach Retreat (number of rooms unknown).  Tempurong Golden Beach Resort offers 14 rooms.


There are also two Rest Houses, one is run by the District office within the town area (8 rooms) and the other is run by the Municipal Council which has 4 rooms (Sawangan Beach).  The main purpose of the Rest Houses is to accommodate government officers on outstation duty but if there are vacancies, other guests are allowed to stay.  


Out of town, Kiaru Beach Cabin offers 10 rooms while Pandan-Pandan Homestay also has 10 rooms.  In addition, Sawangan Beach Lodge,  has two chalets and a dormitory.  


There are also a few upcoming accommodation being built and more big entities are showing interest in investing in accommodation and amenties for visitors.  We look forward to a more vibrant and tourist-friendly district.