Local Legends



The legend of Batu Nousung (Cursed Rock) - Sawangan Beach


This legend involves a very poor widow and her son. They were so poor that they would live on whatever they had day to day.  When the son became a young man, he left home on a passing merchant ship as one of the deck hands.  Many years passed without his widowed mother hearing anything from him.  In the meantime, the son did very well for himself, and even got married to a merchant’s daughter.


Many years on, he sailed into Kuala Penyu shores, and the villagers were quite excited to hear that a son of the soil had returned.  His mother of course was very happy to see him alive and well.  Her son, now a prosperous merchant, ashamed of seeing her old and impoverished, was far from happy to hear her claim as his mother.  He quickly left the village, and as the ship sailed away, his anguished mother cursed it and it turned into stone, along with its crew members.


It is said that on a moonlit night, at a certain hour and time, one can hear voices of men coming from inside the rock.  It is also said that if a person should be so lucky to witness the rock being transformed into the original ship for a moment of magical time, that person may board it and claim the treasures kept in the hull of the ship, for it was a merchant ship carrying precious cargo.


However, it may prove to be quite difficult, because no one knows exactly when the transformation happens.



Batu Payau, Batu Kuyuk (Deer Rock, Dog Rock) -Tanjung Sawangan Beach


Walking along this beach, you will see some rocky formations that may resemble something familiar.


The villagers of Kuala Penyu tell the story that a long time ago, a man went deer hunting with his two dogs. The deer was too fast for the hunter, but his two dogs were right on its tail as it headed for the beach.


By the time the hunter arrived at the beach, all three animals were nowhere to be found, but what he saw, to his surprise, were rocks that were deer and dog-shaped.  He concluded that the deer and his dogs had somehow turned into rocks.


The rocks have been eroded over time and the shapes aren’t so clear, but the locals say that if visitors walk over  and rub the head of one of them, they will have one wish granted. 




The Fate of a Bride - Batu Luang Beach


This is a rather sad story of a newly-wed couple.  After the wedding ceremony at the bride’s house, it is normal to continue the celebrations at the groom’s place. It was a fine morning when the wedding entourage left, but as they approached Batu Luang, a fierce wind started to blow, the skies darkened and heavy rain started to fall. 


As they were near the Batu Luang stone caves, they decided to seek shelter there. When the storm had passed, they started moving out of the cave.  The newly-weds were the last to go out.  The groom went ahead of the bride and when he was outside, he gave a hand to the bride to help her out.  As he did so, there was a sudden earth movement and the rocks caved in on the bride.  The groom tried to pull her out, but she slipped out of his grasp - leaving her wedding ring in his hand- and she was swallowed into the cave.


Local folks living near the area say that on certain nights, the eerie cries of a woman can be heard from inside the rocks.