SAGO FESTIVAL  (Pesta Rumbia)
Kuala Penyu town 11 - 12 JULY 2015


This festival celebrates the sago plant and all things derived from it.  Almost every part of the tree has a use -  from the pulp which is processed so that it can be eaten in place of rice, to the fronds which had once been widely used as roofing,  and to the bark and branches which can be used as walling.


There are also traditional food sampling and other events are included.


It is a very interesting time and place to be in if you are interested in culture and tradition. 



Menumbok town 30 Oct - 1 Nov 2015


Menumbok is known is the gateway to Labuan Island, but it is also the source of an abundance of seafood, especially fish and prawns.  


This festival is not just a ccelebration in honour of the fishermen  but it also showcases the lifestyle of the people of Menumbok.